Your Donation Makes a Difference to our Kids!

Hardship has come to the Boys and Girls Club of Bethlehem. We’re operating a million dollar organization with only $500,000. Our club needs staff to implement programs, facility upgrades, emergency system upgrades & computers. We need your help!

Our kids will suffer substantially if we can’t raise the funds to provide them with the mentoring, educational support and encouragement they need to become caring, successful adults. Please help us today. Any amount is deeply appreciated!

Your Donation Helps Struggling Youth

Most of our youth come from difficult economic, social and family situations. Our Clubs empower them to believe in themselves and their futures. With your help, our city’s children and teens will continue to have a safe place to learn and grow, build skills, develop strong character and experience opportunities they never before imagined.

The future starts with our community’s young people and with you. Working together, we will give our youth and our city a sense of hope, a sense of opportunity and a sense that anything is possible.

The Boys & Girls Club of Bethlehem depend on the generosity of our partners, supporters and investors. Each is vital to the organization’s continued ability to save the lives of at-risk youth in Bethlehem. We are honored by the strong commitment of individuals, businesses and foundations, and we appreciate every gift – large or small.

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All donations are investments in the lives of our Club members. We keep our membership fee low, only $15 per year and yet some families still struggle to afford this. It is intentionally low because we want every child and family in Bethlehem to have access to our clubs. No child is ever turned away. However, the cost to the Club for the programs and opportunities we provide is about $600 a year for each youth we serve.

And that is why we ask you and others for your support – to help us invest strategically in Bethlehem’s kids so that we can fulfill our mission by giving Club youth in need every chance to thrive and succeed.

If you prefer to pay by check, please make your check payable to:

Boys & Girls Club of Bethlehem

1430 Fritz Drive

Bethlehem, PA 18017

Our Wish List

Although all gifts of equipment or supplies are valued, these are some of the
club’s most-needed supplies and equipment requests.

For more details on how to deliver your donation, please contact: Lisa Ramos at (610) 865-4241

  • New Security Cameras
  • Replacement Windows
  • Door & Lock Repair
  • New Gym Floors
  • 20 New Computers
  • (6) Staff Support to implement our many programs for our kids.